The Story Behind the Collection

Barbara started a website in 2004, and, with 135 images with no response, so she had 2 web designers keep adding images until there were 3,000+ online on her website.  People worldwide began contacting Barbara, interested in Graham’s images to use in books, magazines, newspapers, film, TV and the internet as well as individual collectors of historical photographs.  Barbara, highlighting Julian P. Graham’s historical images, wrote her first eBook, “Salvador Dali’s, ‘A Surrealistic Night in an Enchanted Forest” in 2012, her second eBook, “Dr. Alister MacKenzie in 65 Photos, 1926-1934” in 2015 and was revised in 2021 to “Dr. Alister MacKenzie in 97 Photos, 1926-1934”, her third eBook, “Pebble Beach Road Races in the Forest, 1950-1956” in 2017, and her fourth eBook is “Marion Hollins, her California Life in 158 Photos” in 2021.